Winter solstice (hour 2)

The darkest evening of the year

winter solstice nips my ear

big bulky parka should I wear

perhaps furry, to confuse a bear?


Snow and ice brush my face

I miss its fresh, clean feel, and lace

of snowflakes falling in the space

of my backyard, such brief embrace.


For I now live in Texas’s slow fire

a snow day be my one desire

it only comes but once in a while

to freeze my day and make me smile.


– Sandra Johnson, June 25, 2022

Credit first line: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, by Robert Frost

3 thoughts on “Winter solstice (hour 2)

    1. I follow the lace with snowflakes- which made me add lace as an afterthought. Hoping my poem brings us some snow days! Thanks!

  1. I love the phrasing, pace, and rhymes you created. It all works really well to portray the snowy weather you miss. The line contrasting the slow fire of weather in Texas is well placed near the end.

    The final line makes me smile too, because at that point you have me missing the beauty of cold crisp winters too. Mine is coming in a few months though! 🙂

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