(for hour 17)





A kind woman in my MeWe homesteading group said,

“I don’t have to pull all the weeds, just the weed in front of me.”

Her words in reverse on a black computer monitor resonated deeply within me,

vibrating my bones with a harmonizing frequency that made me cry.

Was this anxiety releasing?


It was as if she knew me,

knew I would be reading the messages,

knew my Blessings Jar begun January 2020 atop the fridge is currently stressing me out.

Of all the responsibilities mounting

adding to the growing list of to-dos

it’s a radically joyful thought to remember

I don’t have to accomplish all the tasks, just the task in front of me.

One line item at a time.

Until I get to the fantasy: clone myself

and then teach my clone to fold and put away the laundry

after getting the washer re-balanced.

And isn’t balance what it’s all about?

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