Fetch Her the Star

(for hour 20—this is a blend! I wanted to do the 3-repeating-lines prompt from hour 3, so it’s mixed with the “walking at night” AND image prompts of hour 20…because typing poetry at this hour makes one giddy like that.)


Fetch Her the Star


Bianca requested of Bill merely one, still-bright star

Small enough to fit on the curio cabinet’s bottom shelf

(where light was needed most because Bill had bought a cabinet without LEDs)

Yet with enough mass to attract the Ladies Club members’ eyes

when they’d gather Tuesday evening to complete protest signs


She asked so little of him after 28 months of marriage


With all the time she saved Bill employing a local DBE to tend the lawn and pool, could he not take an hour for an errand?

Why did her simple petition require an argument,

tears to mar her facial and eye art,

and a snide remark about Gil-Estel?

(his references to fantasy films too often confused her to frustration)


She asked so little of him after 28 months of marriage


While Bianca strode to her private spa off the master bedroom where she could repair her eyes,

Bill collected his 32-month-old son’s favorite toy, and walked into a moonlit night

He pointed at the stars, asking, “which one do you think Mother would like?”

The child giggled; he understood more than the vapid woman they left behind


She asked too much of him after 112 weeks of marriage




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