Gotta Block You – hour 6

Hour 6, Prompt 6

(a letter from someone who left me)


Gotta Block You


Thanks for voting for me in the vocal competition.

Thanks for sharing the link to buy tickets to my play—it went over great for an all-female cast in a small town like this, right?

Thanks for the chocolate-laden care package when Misty died due to complications from AIDS—I still miss her somethin’ fierce.

Thanks for all the excited text messages about the upcoming Bob’s Burgers movie—altho, you know, you used an EXCESSIVE number of exclamation points. LOL

Thanks for the pictures of mongoose and otters—I don’t know why I think they’re so adorable, but they make me smile.

Thanks for inquiring about my bro’s health and offering to pray for him before surgery—altho, you know he’s never been religious.

Thanks for always texting random song lyrics each time a new James song dropped.

Thanks for contributing to Pax’s veterinary fund—no one else had money to spare when that was going down.

But, look, Karen told me who you voted for.

And I just can’t even…


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