I Thought I Touched You Today

(for hour 16—from the “touch” prompt for Onweald)


I Thought I Touched You Today

(by the character Nigel Taiman)


A kind touch breezing by my hand

Reminded me of you today

A soft voice whisp’ring a word of kindness

Sounded like something you’d say


The moment caught me off my guard

When I turned to see your face

Disappointment filled me so fully

When I saw emptiness in your place


That I excused myself from society

How can you haunt my brain

When you wore immortality as perfectly

As you wore Arcana’s good name


The swing where you once teased me

With noxious words of battle and war

Moves heavy with dead autumn leaves

Or memory of your movement as we’d spar


The tree where I handed you music papers

Withers in despair of your absence

There’s not a creature in Onweald

That doesn’t crave your presence


Every person, beast, every dying bloom

Seeks you in the fingers of the wind

And each breeze that lifts your scent

Fools me to thinking I’ll see you again

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