Dear Future Love Hour 21

Dear Future Love,

Why do we always meet in this way?

You on the other end of this page and I wondering if and when and where we will meet.

How will I know it is you? How will you recognize me?

Will my mind intrigue you, or will you be enticed by my looks?

Will our connection be forged in fate or pure chance?

Will your eyes envelop me in your gaze, or will your smile tell me everything I need to know.

I am patient as you are kind.

I am as daring as you are loyal.

I am as passionate as much as you have faith.

Will I design and you create?

God knows I believe in fate.

We share something that not everyone can see and yet when our two souls meet everyone will see what was once hidden.

I will not store you away like a precious pearl, not would I want you to keep me for yourself because I am free.

For you already know, I choose to be with you.

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