Hour 23: The arrival

A package arrives what could it be?

We know, yet the package has taken the place of the letter.

Its happiness in a wrapped box or soft mailer. It’s wrapped up anticipation or something new, useful, an indulgence  that has become  new way for some magic not your or mine, unless se are hones to and follow that the ease of the luxuries blues of summer, a wish in to linger. I dream of a Jeanie the Jetsons, or the the Clampits who stuck it rich.

Its our new method clinging with first world lilies unless we are out working or cultivating hobby other than shopping for that rain day.in a world full of connect around the world on the wall on every street corner.

Wwger er forge the dateando instead anticipate the comfort of home no lchllent to be met unless gains ourself we tech  see a new face.


( I can no longer read my own writing.) Will have to nap and wake to finish.

One thought on “Hour 23: The arrival

  1. I hope you enjoyed your nap. =)

    I really enjoyed reading this. By Hour 23 my writing is always usually much sillier than this. I loved the way this flowed from thought to thought, and the imagery of home and white lilies really struck me. Lilies were my mum’s favourite flower and something she loved having in her home, but she was terribly allergic to them and would suffer for having them.

    I feel like that idea of working hard for beauty that is ultimately to nobodies gain is very present within this poem.


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