Hour 3: The State of Our Here and Now

Guns have more rights than woman’s wombs.

Death is more lauded than life.

Funerals are more prevalent than weddings.

Hospice hurts while hospitals no longer heal.

Father’s love can not be valued in conventional currency.

The sky offers more hope than any book.

A simple hello or message out of the blue is more far reaching than a declaration of love.

Smiles of a child can wash all your worries away almost instananeously.

Music is more meaningful than any promise presumes to be.

The sun’s energetic embrace is more uplifting than any tangible want one can imagine.

Transferring sound, thoughts, dreams, and prayer into the spoken word is as powerful as putting them to paper, if not more.

You have entered a holy realm.

Eyes too beautiful to stare into like the cosmos… if not another’s, find the depth of your own.

This is a sacred space not everyone can enter.

You have come home to the here and now.


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