Hour 5… The Fun continues:) Technology is not Astrology

Technology is a strange and mildly addicting science at best.  It is not as mysterious and as far reaching as the study of the stars as in astronomy, not to be confused with astrology.

Technology is the means by which we communicate most readily. Two of the poems for this event I wrote by hand, yet time does not allow for this kind of luxury.

Technology begs the question of efficiency and conformity.  It offers equanimity to those that master its quirks, but let’s be honest who hasn’t had a printer go off task when you need it most?

Technology is hip, it’s happening, it’s always in vogue, and it tests our ego “to do more and be more”.

Those again who utilize technology are rewarded highhandedly.

The smooth PowerPoint presentation will soon be outshined not by excel or publisher, but by other application programs that have yet to be christened like some new star, planet,solar-system, or galaxy that can be named just as easily by anyone who can provide the funds to get in the name game.

Prezi, Keynote, Google Presentations, or Slide Rocket… these are all buzz words in a sea of programs evolving much like newly formed stars, or should I say,newly named stars in a universe of novelty.

Windows or Mac, Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, or Green Party, let’s not forget the Independents. It’s all a name game to those who choose to play the part of a pawn in the hopes of moving up in the ranks to win in a game of chess in high-stake politics and technology. This is our reality.

By the time one star shines bright enough that we recognize it, it is almost too late because the next best program or app has already come out and it’s on to the next big thing, new name, new face, new brand.

That very star has come and gone, just like technology we are forced to live and coexist with the excess of knowledge in this fast paced reality, and before we know it…the star has died long ago.

So don’t get too comfortable with technology.  It can cut your commute just as much as it can injure your ego and ergonomics.

Be a butterfly and sample the nectar, don’t be a bee and get poisoned by the malware pesticides that alter your pattern.

Learn to live among the knowledge seekers and apply the information gathered; don’t just accumulate it.

We worship a star ignited and extinguished long ago, we have to keep up or we become slow.


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