Hour 7 Angst… Teen Angst is much more than a Clique…


German or Dutch it doesn’t trouble me that much.

This is word-etymology that we trust.

Teenage angst is still most popular today, and that’s not ok!

The youth are a precious group; they are all our saved up dreams rolled into one.

My school or your school it is the millage that rules. Equality seems so far away, like a distant land, and this I can’t understand.

We don’t need pen pals to teach that “tolerance” is too weak a deed.

“Diversity” too, is losing its luster and its promise.

We desire something far greater than the “Dawning of Aquarius” to wake us from this sleeping beauty that we think we need.

Plant the seed, quench the thirst, however cliché the idea may seem, cultivate the mind with a love of knowledge based on curiosity, exploration, and not  just the mere hope of college.

Where is our dedication to the youth?  They are our future, just as much as we are their past. We both make up the whole and we cannot put them last.

Angst is an opportunity to uncover our fears and face reality. We must invigorate the youth. They deserve truth, not banality.

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