Misplacer’s Blues

Oh no! It’s gone!

Quick, search in the cupboard,

under the stairs,

peek in the fridge; it may be there!

Dig through your purse,

pull out your pockets,

silently vow you’ll hoard less

of all the wrappers of gum,

oh! There’s that skirt from 2001,

lip balm, hair brush, lint roller.

But it’s still lost, hang on.

Phew. On the charger.


Oh no, they’re gone!

Where are my glasses?

Please don’t tell me

they’re somewhere over here…

Bathroom, living room, upstairs and down,

you’ve searched everywhere, except..

Oh! On your head!

3 thoughts on “Misplacer’s Blues

  1. Unfortunately, you have exactly captured an everyday ritual for many of us. Fortunately it makes a fun and entertaining poem. Thank you.

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