After two prompts, and having recently completed that many chemo treatments, just let me give fair warning that, though this is, evidently, going to be a catharsis for me, of all the tearful nights and painful days, this is not ‘daisies-and-sunshine writing. It is rather morbid. It is helping me heal already. It certainly may be disturbing for many of you. PLEASE do not feel the need to comment or respond. I have so very many well-wishers swarming around me daily, that this morning I discovered I have a lot of grieving to do and they can’t stop me from doing it here. They can’t curtail my ‘negative’ worrying, my fears, my frustrations…and it is all going to be dumped here. Maybe by 9am tomorrow, I will find a daisy-and-sunshine couplet, but for now, it’s all about ‘pushing up daisies’ and the burning hell glow of helium and chemo.

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