Prompt 6: iWatch

Hey, you there,

wanna buy a watch?

I heard him hiss

from the shadow

of the alleyway.


Shady character.

Just keep walking.


Hey, you heard me.

As he pulled

the coat sleeve

up his arm

to reveal an iWatch,

its video mode engaged.


I tried to look away,

but it was too lateā€¦

There I was,

a kid, fishing,

dreaming dreams,

making wishes

on a four-leaf clover,

watching clouds roll by,

knowing in my heart

where each one was going.


Then it stopped.

He rolled down the sleeve

and walked away.



And I stood there,

alone in the dark.

One thought on “Prompt 6: iWatch

  1. Ohhh, I love the mystery enclosed here – surreal, with what could be threads of a real scene interwoven with something slightly fantastic. Who is the kid fishing? Is it a memory? A future telling? I love the possibilities, I mean, besides just a hawker, which has its own unique intrigue. I could see this being a longer poem-narrative; I’m already interested in the characters and the mystique!

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