#2 magic

It was nothing short of magical,
the circle of silent dancers swaying as one
while one at a time they stepped into the center,
improvising love and gratitude around
to acknowledge each gift and challenge.

This community evolved across years
with creativity and grace instilled
by our leader, embracing each
Parkinson’sed partner through
their decline. My husband, too.

Shy at first, he quickly grew to love
this group as I love the dance,
both predictable and new.
The community grew close and loving –
danced on stage, at the waterfront
in our kitchen, for one another.

When I entered the studio
three days following his death
they were circling their season’s farewell.
Beckoned to their midst, I joined
as honor, love, gratitude and grace
flowed both ways, suspending time
and loss.

It was nothing short of magical.


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