#3 walking and feeling

The air is cooler than expected

though it gives in to the sun; distant

traffic a muffled presence as breeze rises

above in the silence of dogs .


A lone seagull calls above the inland twitter;

a neighbor speaks, a lone car passes by –

ordinary moments of a weekend day

business as usual in a quiet city enclave.


But I feel what is missing, struggle to recall

the lurch of your uneven gait beside me;


prefer to recall you striding up Sunset Ridge

as I scramble to catch up, perch on the bridge

sharing gorp and water laughing as the dog

drink-swims the icy stream…


Looking around, I see your absence

and my not-yet-coming-to-terms

that our plans are no longer; yet

I go on. I return from my walk


deadhead the Nova Zemla rhodie by the door,

snip a newly-blooming peony for the house


enter the silence I have just left to find it

alive with sun, comfort of the familiar

and your gentle presence warm

in my heart.


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