golden shovel – #8

I call upon all of us, the people, WE
to take to heart our shared need to seek
for ourselves, each and every one – not
point to ‘others’ or ‘them’ or  ‘the rest’ –
take upon ourselves a goal of transformation.

This can only happen if we
are willing to be accountable, honest; are
able to listen deeply and stop dancing
around the elephant in the room through
blame, hyperbole, making of each
the ‘other’
as if that could possibly solve anything, as
if there weren’t already between us enough closed doorways.

We seek not rest but transformation./We are dancing through each other as doorways.from  ‘Circling’  by Marge Piercy


2 thoughts on “golden shovel – #8

  1. thanks for the read and comment … seeking to take personal responsibility/being accountable for ourselves (ALL of us) and listening to one another with respect across difference seems to me the only way forward in this painfully polarized ‘new world’ of America. can’t stop now!!!

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