Poem18/24 “Paddle Your OWN CaNoE”

An own hardship

Is better than a help to save your ship

So you maybe able to be proud

For your own self, no doubt

You will not be able to hear

Words from those who helped you 

In case you failed them

Its better to your own abilities

There , you will be able to find out

Your capabilities

Your strength

Your patient

Your love to do the things you can

Your love to do the things you can’t

And you will learn

To develop yourself

You will be able to stand firm

You will be tough

You will be strong enough

To face those people who had rejected

And those people who had helped you

In words, let me tell you

”Paddle your own canoe”

No matter what is the circumstances are

No matter how difficult those obstacles 

No matter how huge those stormy waves

No matter what happen

Keep paddling

Your own canoe

For whatever will be the result

You will regret no one

It is YOU who paddled

It is YOU who will give a life

In times that you can’t paddle

Any longer

Don’t stop, take a rest

God will help you

To paddle tour own canoe

As long as you trust

In His promise

That He will never leave you


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