The Grace To Blossom, 2nd Hour

2nd Hour

The Grace To Blossom

He gave me another chance,

by grace, to blossom;

to breathe again.

knowing I would fall,

he held the seeds of my new birth,

and set them in a dry place.

I withered and died.


Far from Him, I tried to seek my own life,

wallowing in regrets and strife,

he waited until my eyes

grew blurry and dim unable to survive,

without Him.


Finding no pleasure in this foolish escape,

I was lost and

could not rescue  my soul,

I had lost control

getting lost in unfamiliar rhythms – sporadic beats,

discord and unsung melodies,

that altered my path.


I was blinded by a world I did not recognize,

yet not caring if I lived or died…falling…lying in

my vanity.


Unguided choices threw me into a

cistern of drowning consequences,

recompense for rebellion and doubt.

Yet His love guided me and lifted me out,

righted my fall when on His name I called

and praised Him for His mercy.


I found favor as He rescued me from dried places,

in this seed were no traces

of life to stand.

Yet, by His command,

he planted me by refreshing waters,

Restored, He gave me another chance to blossom,

to breathe again.






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