happy birthday to my mother

what a way to celebrate your

birthday across the globe from

me, I wish I could be there

for cake and company

I wish I could take you to

the spa and out to lunch

I wish we could spend some

time and maybe the next day, brunch

I wish I could buy you diamonds

and house on a hill

maybe even retire you from working

so you could netflix and chill, for real.

I wish you could do whatever you wanted

and not have to worry about a thing

I wish you would have answered

the phone, so to you, I could sing

I know it’s far too early

and I can’t behave like a brat

after all it’s your birthday not mine

and you can sleep as long as you want

there’s nothing wrong with that

but when you awake in a couple of hours

without a card, breakfast or some flowers

know I’m coming over soon to love on you

and to make some of your birthday

wishes come true.


Happy 58th birthday mommy.  I love you


FJ original 2016


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