Moonlight prompt 12th hour

A night at the lake

on a date with a man

who knows how to

court a woman

spare me the jokes

will you

no really he actually

planned out the date

with precision and

perfection might I add

he picked me up in

his jeep at 7 precisely

and we drove out to

the lake

he grabbed a blanket and

a basket and a stereo

which was classic

and we laid out in the grass

for hours talking about

the guts and the glory

of making it in this

world of crazy people

he was a gentleman

and a comedian

my radar of this

is too good to be true

had me in a panic again

but I wasn’t going to

ruin this good thing

wasn’t like I was looking

for the night to end

in a proposal and a ring

just wanted to enjoy the

man, who took the time

to make sure that our

night was right and

it was, as the sun dipped

below the hills

and the  moonlight rose

to greet us goodnight


FJ original 2016



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