That Cup of Joe got cold…. prompt 17

We were kids

with hearts

untainted and pure

we knew no limits

to love

the version of it

we knew

I was willing to

give him my heart

and my womb

he wanted ten kids

lol, ten

I barely wanted a pet

but he was the


of beautiful and

manners that

were rare and

exquisite as the

islands were

foreign and untravelled

by me

He was majestic

in his features

royal in his stature

and he was mine

we were young

and we were unaware

that life would soon

carry us to different

sectors of understanding

but we stayed caught

up in the moment of

we until we were no

longer we,

it was february 13

the day before valentines day

when he told me

we should just be friends

we should end this

long distance


as we were only kids

and clearly we had our

whole lives yet to live

He rocked my entire universe

in that sentiment

and broke my pure heart

for love

this man child who

was suppose to always

be mine

eyelashes that touched the stars

a pool of Madagascar

chocolate that canvased his

entire body and eyes

like honey whiskey

his voice was dripping

like molasses

and his hands were always

warm, enveloped in mine

the universe halted on

its axis

meaning meant nothing

was meaningless

from this moment onward

there was no longer

a peace treaty between

wholesome nouns and

helping verbs

I threw out every letter

he wrote and picture

he drew the day

he rained on our parade

cancelled the best

show this world had

never seen before.


FJ original 2016


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