Random Thoughts

In the light of the morning sun
I look into your eyes
And know that even though you smile
You actually lie
Yearning, wondering
Laughing on the outside but really crying
I want to ask why but i hesitate
You will answer
In your diplomatic non-answering answering way
I don’t know what I can say or do
To make you smile from inside out
It seems everything on earth has surpassed your understanding
And your yearnings ask for more
I can’t give you more
I don’t know what more is
I wish I did or maybe I didn’t
You are not my problem right
Or maybe I am wrong
What if my whole purpose in life is to make you smile?
I wish
Now here maybe tomorrow
I can start maybe
Now I wonder off to the place far off
Where sometimes I go to be alone
Away from you, from them
Alone by myself but not lonely
Alone but not quite
My guide awaits
I am sometimes armoured
With weapons you can’t possibly see
Or maybe you can
If you want, Really want
You can have it too
If you want, if you want.

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