Channeling Socrates

We don’t know what we don’t know,
and in the scope of the universe
or universes,
we don’t know much.

That doesn’t stop self-proclaimed experts
from shoveling shit,
rejecting truths,
from filling our heads with bad info
and doubts, filling some heads
with assurances that aren’t assurable.

When you have questions, they shut you down.
You’re too young to know.
You don’t need to know.

Only God knows, someone I once knew would say,
then proceed to tell me what God knows.

Unproven, just a theory, my cousin says.
He rejects natural selection, but he believes
in the politics of survival of the fittest,
and that he knows what I don’t.

I’m sure he does. No one knows everything.
We all know something. If only
we could know what we don’t know. If only
we were sure of what we do.

Finally, beware the person who professes to know
what’s best for you. Sometimes
we don’t even know ourselves. Sometimes
we can’t even recognize truth
when we’re staring her in the face.

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