How the Hell Do I Know What We Need?

How the Hell Do I Know What We Need?

I can only tell you what I need.
And you can tell me what you need.
Together, we can say what we need.
How’s that?

I need friends,
even the ones who don’t always agree with me
on the issues of my heart.

I need a home that’s truly mine,
with a garden and chickens.
Running water and air conditioning are nice, too.

I need my family
to know that I love them.

I need people.

I need dogs and cats,
my four-legged family,
and the llamas and goats and donkeys
down the road,
and the roadrunners and buntings and owls
in the trees along the creek.

I need my man
for as long as I can have him.

And I need a purpose to be here
even if that purpose is to be
a part of a community,
a friend,
someone’s family,
someone’s home.

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