Ten times a man

You embraced me when you knew I’d given all that I had- and triumphed.

You gave me your precious time, unequivocally, when you realized I didn’t expect it- but needed it.

You encouraged me when your friends shunned me as inadequate.

You understood that I needed a friend above all else, and offered me your friendship.

You confided in me, because you suspected you could.

You are so clever I am frequently awe-struck; in the next breath you are just my friend again- yet you claim to be lacking in humility.

You value the love others give to you freely- helplessly, and bother to show them that you do.

You care about the whole world- genuinely care!

You have inspired so many by having the courage to be you.

You are brave and honest about your emotions even when you know others might ridicule you on account of your sexuality.

I hope you know, I wouldn’t change a thing about you.

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