Hour 21: Ode to the Marathon

You began with the end

When I was prepped and primed


You carried me effortless

Through your prompts

Music and lyrics and images


I burned the hours

Breezing through barriers,

Keeping time


Until the half point

When some would stop

You shoved me through my second breath,


I fell into the arms of Morpheus,

Left my determination with you,

drowned in the River Lethe.


Waking before sunrise,

You showed me the finish dawning,

A sliver of you lighting my way.


Do I have the juice to cross the line?

Will you inspire me to burst out

With a new beginning?

One thought on “Hour 21: Ode to the Marathon

  1. Great homage to this contest and as I was one of the ‘half-point’ poets who stopped, I am glad you carried on. I wish I had that kind of stamina. This piece is brilliant – love the connection to Greek mythology.

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