Hour 9: Relishing Chicago Summers

Food trucks from Maxwell Street

Wafting temptation through the air

Succulent polish sausages and

Hot dogs overloaded with

Onions, tomatoes, pickles, and

Relish so green the grass grew envious


Sitting on the stoop

Washing down the steaming delights —

fries on the side –

with iced cherry kool-aid


Tractor trailer trucks from the South

Bringing fresh Georgia peaches and

Red meat Mississippi watermelon

Tender bunches of harvest collards

Turnips with their roots and greens intact


Slurping down memories of Mississippi summers

Sweet as southern tea

Lucious like grandma’s roses

So juicy

each bite

drips off

your chin



One thought on “Hour 9: Relishing Chicago Summers

  1. Succulent poem, delicious images. Love the detail; I don’t know where Maxwell Street is, but you bring it to life. So clear that you’re speaking from personal experience. Well done!

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