Hour 11: surviving

the twisted tree is hit by the storm

grandma forgets me

but remembers the young sapling

right outside her home

she checks on it hourly

but walks carelessly to her bed

getting scrapes

she asks me questions

gives me names that she likes


the twisted tree survives the storm

she lavishes love and affection on the survivor


my grandma still does not remember me

the storm in our house rages on

4 thoughts on “Hour 11: surviving

  1. This encapsulates so well what it is like to love and live with someone with dementia. The imagery you use invokes such a clear scenery, and you make your point beautifully. It’s amazing how you managed to replicate such complex feelings in me using only a few lines. Love this!
    and I wish you strength for the rest of your way forward with your grandma. You have a lot of love, and it must be difficult on the days it is not recognized. In another life, you are the sapling, I’m sure.

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