Hour 2

A prayer to dEvi saraswati in Kannada in the akkara metre (this metre is to be sung rather than just read for the flow to be understood)

vINe tantiyin incharam eLpidoDam
jANeyappeyEm I nanna jihveyoLam
mANadimbiTTu solgaLam nuDisidoDam
kANe oppuvem maimeyan AgaloDam

ವೀಣೆ ತಂತಿಯಿನಿಂಚರಂ ಎಳ್ಪಿದೊಡಂ
ಜಾಣೆಯಪ್ಪೆಯೇನೀ ನನ್ನ ಜಿಹ್ವಿಯೊಳಂ
ಮಾಣದಿಂಬಿಟ್ಟು ಸೊಲ್ಗಳಂ ನುಡಿಸಿದೊಡಂ
ಕಾಣೇ ಒಪ್ಪುವೆಂ ಮೈಮೆಯನಾಗಲೊಡಂ

“How can I accept your cleverness, dexterity and prowess if you just create sweet notes and music from your vINa strings? That won’t do! Make words and poems with eternal beauty and sweetness flow from my tongue too, right away. Only then will I accept your greatness”

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