Poetry Marathon Hour 1:

It is 6 am for me, and we’re getting started with coffee and all the support I’m crying tears of joy before sunrise even happens. So that’s great. Anyway, for poem one I’ve decided to go with the fitting prompt: Wake up Darling.


It is morning

a new day –

the day after.


Though the sun still rises

and I am decked in sunflowers

feeling the bees buzzing beneath

my skin again and again. Ready to

grow again. And you have told me

that I cannot control my body,

my relationships or soul.


And the sunflowers are in full bloom –

only those who know me as well as it gets

know this is indeed a code. A secret language.

That I am not myself today and probably

will not be tomorrow or the next day either.


But that is okay because I know


change is coming. And so are many

new seasons.

-M. Rene’ /

SincerelyBlueJay Poetry

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