Poetry Marathon Hour 14:

Poem 14: Imagine someone has sent you a text message at one am saying “do you ever think of me?” how do you respond < From I am Incomplete without you prompt journal


“Do you ever think of me?” comes across my

far too well lit screen for one am on a Tuesday.


In my delirium and awe I hold the phone like it

is all I well ever have left of you – regardless of

where this conversation goes or how quickly it

gets there. Of course, I do – especially in the winter

when the tea just doesn’t get hot enough to actually

warm my bones; nor does the ginger get flavorful

enough to erase the taste of your “how are yous”.


I mean, honestly, how could I not think of you

each and every day I remind myself that I should

write back to the people who have actually taken

time to send me letters and poems and postcards –

but just can’t bring myself to do it because I always

think I’m writing to you – and that gets far too personal

for the causal mail enthusiast. And really, what kind of


poet would I be if I didn’t let you cross my mind

more often than not, because you were afterall

my most authentic reminder when I could not tell

who I was trying to be or what all the fuss was about

anyway. It is one am on a Tuesday and I know I should not


even consider responding to you – not right now at least.

But I send back “with every new poem” instead and turn

the phone completely off, tuck myself underneath the

blanket with a little too much weight, and let Tuesday

arrive in the way that every day should be able to:



-M. Rene’

SincerelyBlueJay Poetry

One thought on “Poetry Marathon Hour 14:

  1. Oh my heart: I love this!! How often did I know better–especially in the wee wee hours of the night–to not respond and did anyway? Carelessly rather than carefully. Cause quite the mess, I must say.
    Thank you for writing this. It got me.

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