Poetry Marathon Hour 2:

Alrighty, hour two is upon us, and I’m so excited to see how this goes I am sorting through all the prompts I have at arms reach and the one I’m most excited to tackle right now is from the prompt journal “I am Incomplete Without You” by Iain S. Thomas of Iwrotethisforyou.me

“Write a poem in which the word “breathe” appears three times” and I’ve mixed it with the prompt “who stayed” from pages 13, and 134 respectively.


Darling, sometimes you just have to breathe

first thing in the morning and again several times

throughout anything even remotely resembling a day.


And in doing so, it is up to you to remember

that not everyone stays around through the times

like this, not everyone knows how or has the extra

bandwidth to help you through it. But those who do,


like the cabbage man, the one who makes you tea

on cold days, and the one who buys your books despite

having helped to create them – those are the people who

make the breathing worth it. Who keep us on track and


heal the hearts we didn’t know even needed healing.


Sometimes, all you really can do is, breathe.

-M. Rene’

SincerelyBlueJay Poetry

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