Poetry Marathon Hour 7:

Okay, it only took like forever, but I think I’ve hit my stride! How great is that? Alrighty, so hour 7 “my foolproof recipe for mending a broken heart” From the teal blue Burn after Reading prompt journal. Which is great because I was super excited to play around with formed poetry today – and this is the greatest opportunity I could ever dream of for a recipe poem – some of my favorite formed poems out there. So excited to see where this goes!


Poem 7: A recipe poem

To mend a broken heart,

there is only one foolproof recipe:


Gather up a large bowl full of

all the great memories you shared

and a crack 5 medium eggs filled

with the laughter and tears of joy

and you can’t forget the extract

of authenticity when you were at

your strongest together. You know,


some relationships fade apart and

others get dropped, cracked right

down the middle, taken from you

without any warning at all. And it’s


the difference between the two that

reminds me – this is the ultimate recipe

for healing. Once you have the wet

ingredients – mixed into each other well

start to weigh out the dry ingredients:


you need a pinch of the salt from

the arguments that shouldn’t have been

any real thing, but clearly were. Add in

a cup and a half of sugar refined from

all the moments that brought you closer

than you ever imagined at “hello”.


Bake in the sun alongside the chalk

drawings left behind by the kids next door

and remember that healing takes time,

it comes in all shapes and sizes too.


-M. Rene’

SincerelyBlueJay Poetry


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