Poetry Marathon Prep Day 1:

Hi there, my name is Madison and I am a self-published author under the name of SincerelyBlueJay. I have done the poetry marathon before, but never with this group of souls – and I’m so excited for a new/old experience. Or a well-worn habit with a twist, if you will! I’ve been writing poetry for nearly two decades now – and have two full-length poetry books floating out in the world. I host write-ins on Twitch, Discord, and also on Instagram – especially as the pandemic floods our daily lives and the deepest pits of our hearts. My communities are ever-expanding and I hope to see many of my followers, friends, and even some family participate in this version of the marathon; it is their support that fuels me. And I hope to be an inspiration for them – this project is completely achievable and so rewarding as well.

I’m also in process of building a Poetry Marathon Playlist – which I’ve done for every similar event as well. Also for every poem I write within the time I’m donating $10 USD to a wide variety of charities. Because it is a firm belief of mine that every time you have something worth celebrating you should also, give back. Imagine how many future creators we could support just by donating a few dollars to our food banks, hospitals, schools, and other various community resources. If you are able to, I hope you will adapt this philosophy to fit your own lifestyle moving forward – especially if you are taking time and care to read the introduction of a random “newcomer”.

Do not mistake this as doubt though, I am happy to be here. And I look forward to participating in many future events. And I do hope it’s not an overly ambitious declaration either, as I’ve never experienced the poetry marathon here – in your house. But I’m thrilled to be here. I left my shoes at the door. My socks are mismatched for luck. And I have tea and scones for all who entered before me.


Thank you, and good luck.



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