You wasn’t

You wasn’t there when I needed you the most
Its like you disappear you went ghost
Was I’m not important to you as your wife
You told me I was your world your whole life
You saw the pain and struggles I was going through with my pregnancy
All I wanted from you is for you to be there for me
One thing I would never understand from you
Is how a husband can kick his pregnant wife out of their home
What man threatened to throw his wife things out if they don’t get out
Everything you put me through I remain loyal and loved you
Through all the pain you put me through
I was there when nobody else was
I loved you unconditionally like a real wife does
I forgave even when you went out with another women
While I was sick and pregnant with our son
Was we not important or was you too busy having your fun
What was your motive when you made up a women to hurt my feelings
Did you want to see me in pain and lose all trust in you
Was that really what you wanted to do
What kind of husband tell they’re wife
that they wish they never married them or even have a baby by them
You broke my heart to many times
But I keep taking you back
Thinking you’re going to change
And be the husband and father you suppose to be
But thats wishful thinking
Now it time for me to think about our son and me
At the end of the day you’re going wish you had your family back
But its going to be to late and another man will have taken your place and show me and our son what a real Man look like

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