The woman with the top hat

The woman with the top-hat
Is a magician
Not the rabbit, ooh, kind

But one who holds up
Ten different acts in the air,
And completes all of them!

I don’t want to be like her anymore (too tiring)
But I admire her so much.

Hers – a fascinating balancing act
Of measured tread and proportions
Just right for her.

The lady with the top hat is a magician indeed!

Smeetha, responding to prompt 20.

7 thoughts on “The woman with the top hat

  1. Good Afternoon,

    Your first image — “woman with the top hat” — cast a glamorous performer with spangles and a “Broadway hat” as if she had endless energy. Your later details of all she is doing “Ten different acts in the air / And completes all of them” created a powerful contrast.

    How did you enjoy your first poetry marathon?

    1. Thank you Jan Rog, for reading with care,

      Love the things you noticed!

      My first Marathon has been a tremendous experience of exploration, uncovering of infinite possibilities within, new learning and the warmth of community….a whole new world out there…

      Simply amazing.

  2. Ahh, the hats we wear and the balancing acts we perform. Tiring, isn’t it? That is, until we get our priorities on track. I think, way back in the day, Amy Grant sang a song about hats. This reminds me of it a bit.

    Good job!

  3. Thank you Stef,

    Delighted that this poem reminds you of Amy Grant’s song – what more could a poem want, or its poet, but be connected to music and song….?

    Yes, the tough balancing act is until we get our priorities on track, as you put it!

    Lots of good wishes your way…

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