A Half Marathon

Subtracting duplicate words, I have a word count of 98 (I think).


A half marathon of poems,
I did not imagine this day.
Sitting focussed and writing,
Not letting myself go astray.

A dozen poems drafted,
Some happy, some silly, some sad,
A starting place for many,
Some really not half bad.

The finish line in sight,
An exhaled breath of relief.
A goal achieved in writing,
Defying the thoughts of defeat.

The words were hard some hours,
Some poems easily did flow.
The dream of writing flowers,
The hope of more poetry grows.

Vulnerable at times,
To let people see.
The creative writing person,
The heart upon my sleeve.

Silence oh inner critic,
You have no place today.
Writing is a talent,
From it I should not stray.

Giggles did occur,
Laughter did ensue.
Victory accomplished,
A half marathon I did do!

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