A folklore

Iginla the great King

He was fearless and brave
know throughout the seven kingdoms
for his prowess and skill
he was never afraid to fight on the battle field
to protect the territorial integrity of his kingdom
Wise and knowledgeable
he was sought for miles
but, the great Iginla trusted too much
he trusted his second in command
a man who had proven himself faithful, time and time again
you cannot tell the mind’s construction from the face
For his second in command began to nurse ambitious ideas of his own
he thought he could make a better king
and so, treacherous thoughts flooded his heart and mind
Until he made a pact with the enemies of the kingdom
after the order of Julius Caeser
Who was slain by Brutus his protege and others.
king Iginla was slain
One cold rainy night on his bed.
And his second in command, Ifira, the betrayer, reigned in his stead

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