Farewell Ode

In the beginning, I couldn’t wait to get out
Now that the end is near,
Can’t seem to stop the breaking of my heart.

How did I come to love this place?
I never planned for it to happen.
Tearing, lost and lonely,
I found solace in this empty space.

As I move far away,
And get on with the time.
Trying to make sense,
Of all the questions in my mind…

The hour of farewell has arrived.

I know, you are just a room where I prayed
You gave me strength during pain.
Embraced my being and let me stay.

Now that I’m leaving,
I wonder who will take my place.

If you could speak,
What would you say?
Would you cry because I’m moving away?
Would you stop me in my track?
Would you hold my hand and beg me to stay?

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