Hello everyone. My name is Ana M. Torres. I was born in New York City on November 2, 1970. I was raised in the projects of East New York Brooklyn with my parents, and two sisters, and four brothers. I have always loved writing. I still have the fond memory of writing a winter poem in the fifth grade that was chosen as one of the four best in the class. I still remember the first diary my mom gave me for my birthday.

In 2011 I self published my first novel Love Child, and I have two sequels since. I also self published Shadowed Tears my first effort at a small poetry book. As of now I plan to take part of the half day marathon poem, and I really look forward to it. Not only is it challenging, but its a great opportunity to meet new people, and its also a great way to show my work. I am very grateful for the event, I wish luck to everyone who’s participating. I also look forward to reading so many different poems as well. I’ve been warming up for this event by reading some of my earlier poems, and the poems of my favorite poets like Sylvia Plath. Even reading a favorite novel is enough to help with inspiration.

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