Reaching into June

A monochrome view lies before me
of the month I most dread

Memories attack around every corner, and
I am forced to relive those
most treacherous pains

every year.
Every June.

As I force my way forward, I
to allow room for light.

I try to remind myself that there
is joy to be found, even
alongside the sorrow.

I reach out a hand
hoping to grab hold of some
inkling of hope,

to grip one moment
who might combat the pain
which I brace myself against.


infinitely slowly

I am starting to see light

in June
the black only hovers at a charcoal grey.

*In memory of David Tipton — June 13,2020

One thought on “Reaching into June

  1. I am sorry for you loss and pain and hear you moving forward in this poem: ‘I am starting to see the light’ and how even the title gives a sense of change, but I know it is never easy. Sending healing hugs!

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