Spitting in the Water

When I was 7 years old, my parents took me for swimming lessons.

They were too expensive…

Now water is rising everywhere and I realize,
I’ve floated through life, avoiding the whirlpool—
that unforgiving force of the world around me
the thoughts, actions, utterings of people divided—
because I know I will sink

I’ve hidden for so long, yet
today, the rising tide can’t be avoided anymore
I’m being submerged against my will in
a barrage of hate and division
thrashing in this sea as
the force around me tightens

With every breaking story I feel myself sinking deeper and deeper
into an abyss of political creation

I take one stroke towards freedom,
I think I’m improving, making a difference,
but the current picks up and I see that
I don’t have the power
to fake my way through
an ocean of hate

I’m drowning
and the world around me looks on
too busy spitting into the water to notice
the bubbles rising to the surface


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