Riding horseback
racing through abandoned towns
a rat named Taro in my pocket,

how am I going to protect
this furry friend,
when a sorcerer is summoning me
intent on taking him away?

I will power through,
I will protect my friend and my magic

I approach the castle and
feel a shudder in my pocket
Taro has sensed our arrival
he burrows deeper into the fabric

the menacing Montez departs his throne,
speaks to me,
demands I hand over Taro
or face his militia alone

I choose to fight

flashes of gold paint the night sky
as mage after mage attempts to
stall my advance

I am spurred on by the warm
bundle burrowed next to my chest
I fight with all my strength

Riding home,
beaten, bruised, angry,
I feel Taro shift

I reflect on a battle hard won
and a sorcerer destroyed
never threaten an animal friend of mine

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