The Test

Aren’t we supposed to be perfect?
We’ve been “that couple” for years,
made it through life together,
started a new life together,
our friends always saying
“I wish I had what you two have”

So why do we argue?
Why does my mind tell me
something feels different.

I love you. Deeply.
You hold me close at night, and we feel united.
We joke, we laugh,
we act like the teenagers we aren’t supposed to be anymore.
But still, we have grown.

We’ve changed in ways we don’t quite grasp
and each day we learn who the other is
all over again.

It is a test I would not take with anyone
but you.

It is one we don’t always pass.

But you are the man who saved my life,
and despite our arguments,
despite our changing,
you are the man who shows up for me every day,
who takes care of me,
like no one ever has.

And I count myself lucky
that I get to meet you
again tomorrow.

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