Prompt 2: Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Each night I go through my routine
Check Facebook, play Candy Crush,
Wait for my man to kiss me goodnight
And sit in the dark, waiting for sleep to approach

The darkness envelops me
Unless you count the numerous nightlights,
The red glare of the tv’s on/off button,
And the glow from the LED bulbs that never seem to fade

They just glower above me
Looking down on me, letting me know that they see
They see, those three lights, what the darkness tries to hide
They see, those three lights, what my mind avoids during the day

Sleep doesn’t come but my prayers do
For you see, those three lights also remind me that Another watches as well
The Great Three-in-One, those three lights, aren’t as harsh
As the other lights that constantly seek to dim my shine

It’s a Frost-y night, and just as he had things to do
Before he could even think of entering the evening’s rest
My miles to go, my promises to keep
Must be traveled before I too can sleep

3 thoughts on “Prompt 2: Miles To Go Before I Sleep

    1. Stef, I only just realised I think I just used your own word on your own poem. I didn’t look at who wrote this before I posted, and by chance the first chance to use it was here on your work. It feels like a sign that you’ve created a word that we sorely lacked.

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