So Entitled

So Entitled


I deserve to travel,

frequently enjoy dining in restaurants,

delight in shopping for my own groceries.

Almost never get stopped by police

or have my authority questioned.

Always have access to cable and internet,

wear a becoming hair style

and comfortable clothes,

drive a reliable car,

have money in the bank,

a good supply of toilet paper, and

get medical care when I need it.

I adore concerts and

gatherings with good friends.


What entitles you to

run around outside unvaccinated,

spread misinformation,

place others in danger,

and encroach on my entitlements?

One thought on “So Entitled

  1. That was quite a twist! I sense the frustration I likewise share. I just want to be able to go back and teach – because my students NEED me in the classroom. Who knew that would become an entitlement? Better days ahead – MASK UP!

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