Lounge by the pool.

Mystery novel, glass of

cold sauvignon blanc

on the table.

Elongated banana leaves

wave in the breeze.

Wispy white clouds drift

in powder blue sky.

Colorful, talkative songbirds

flit from tree to tree.

Hummingbirds buzz the feeder.

Grape and honeysuckle vines

extend their tendrils

along the fence and arbor.


Imagine the sound

of lapping waves,

roaring surf,

just beyond the yard.

Ignore the sound of

the neighbor’s Weed Eater.

Imagine hearing melodious

languages, not American English.

Ignore the barking of the

Labrador puppy next door.


Caribbean island paradise.

Secluded oasis on the Mexican coast.

Monastic hideaway in Southern France.

View of the Tasman sea.

All the places I’m not allowed to go.

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