Magnificent building!

Such art overshadows, outlives

men’s foolish passing notions.

Steinway chiseled in stone

above the archway enclosing mythological figures.

Above, a gilded balcony

decorated with four stone urns of dancing cherubs.

Pillars holding a higher balcony

with large arched doors

topped by a metal roof and torch.


Each night the lights come on,

but no one is home.

Tastefully decorated rooms,

seen from across the street

prompt speculation.

Ghosts of great musicians

meet once a year to play for each other

in the large salon at the top.

Bought by the government,

a refuge in case of emergency

for dignitaries, those in high places.


Sign out front says,

Finely Tuned Residences For Sale.”

It’s all about the money.

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