The Old Guy


When did he get here?


Kind of round.

Other guy was muscular but thinner.

Hair’s a little thin,

Quite a bit of grey.

Other guy had full, dark hair.


Other man was grouchy;

This one’s irascible.

Other guy was a little anxious;

This one worries all the time.

Other man was compulsive;

This one’s obsessed.


He brought so much stuff.

He fidgets.

Smacks and growls when he eats.

Face folds over on his nose

When he sleeps.

He snores.


Drives me crazy.




He has the other guy’s eyes

And his wry smile.

Tells good stories,

Just like the other man.

Doesn’t let me get away with stuff,

Like fooling myself.

Goes along with my crazy ideas

Even when they scare him.

He loves my sons.

Seems comfortable here,

Like he fits.

Just like the other guy.

He gets me.


I’ll let him stay.

2 thoughts on “The Old Guy

  1. Sounds like you’re both irascible like my wife and me. All the grumpf and humpf and affection and care all rolled up in one complicated ball. I think it’s called getting older. And love permeates it all. Very nicely done.

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