The Gift of Idea.

He gave me a present,
Not bought,
Not pretty and gift wrapped in silvery paper,
Not shoved in a box with a card on top,
He will give me an idea.

Gift wrapped in words,
Only thought of, not thought through
I can make it my own.

Take my gift and make it something special, he said,
take that idea and make it something magical,
Then wrap it in words and re-gift it,
I won’t mind,
Spread the ideas and watch as they blossom,he said.

A gift can be more than a material object.

It can be creativity that changes the world…
…one idea at a time.

11 thoughts on “The Gift of Idea.

  1. Beautiful poem. You weave many poetic devices effortlessly throughout this poem. First, I love the idea of someone presenting you the gift of an idea- excellent metaphor. Secondly,I love the idea this is person is telling you to wrap this gift (idea) in words and re-gift it. You do a great job of extending and enhancing this metaphor. And, lastly,I adore the last three lines that sum everything up-lesson!

  2. Sunandashome,
    I agree, and how well you wrapped this gift to our envy. All the nuances of metaphor, personification, color and mood were so gracefully placed to produce intricate verse shaped into a simplistic glide through your mind. It reminded me of how words fall from the mouth of a child leaving all who were listening, stunned at such genius of forethought. Nicely done!
    Seventh Solstise

  3. I love this poem. Gifting and then re-gifting. I love such gifts, the ones that are not packed in silvery paper. My poem too, for this prompt, is somewhat similar. I would like to know what you think of it. It’s still raw, but you’ll get the idea. Thanks.

  4. What a perfect idea of a gift – open to interpretation and creativity – and then to be passed on. You’ve got a deft way with words – and a strong poetic voice in this poem; I would love to hear it read out loud!

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